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In many cases the appearance is caused by shadow, rather than a darkness to the skin itself.  There is a natural anatomical hollow underneath the eye that can sometimes just be a bit more pronounced as a result of your genetics.  It also tends to develop with age and appear more prominent as fat under the skin thins and sags. The problem is the light reflecting on the skin around the area but not of the hollow itself.  This is sometimes called the tear trough or a tear trough deformity.  Other causes of dark circles such as skin irritation, allergies and pigmentation are not suitable for treatment with dermal fillers but our doctors will be able to identify this at your consultation and advise you as to the best treatment. So, as long as your dark circles are caused by hollowing under the eye, they can be treated with dermal fillers.

By using dermal fillers in this area it is called “peri-orbital” rejuvenation.  Which means rejuvenation around the eye area.  Firstly the exact cause needs to be identified by a thorough assessment, as there are a few different causes for the hollowness.  Once the correct areas have been identified a dermal filler gel is injected extremely carefully in the right amounts into the right areas.  It is usual for more than one type of filler to be used, as we need to replace volume in different anatomical zones.  After injection there is an immediate plumping and smoothing of the area and reduction in the dark circle appearance.


Established in Sydney, Juv’ae aims to assist clients improve their appearance and confidence. Juvae provides the most advanced, safe, clinically tried and tested non-surgical treatments. The team from Ju’vae are trained by the world’s leader in non-cosmetic procedures – Allergan Australia.

Juv’ae offer our patients a welcoming and professional environment. They are dedicated to devoting the utmost attention to each client and the highest level of aesthetic expertise. Juvae specialises in anti-wrinkle therapy and the latest skincare treatments.

Juv’ae offer a fully integrated service which includes: Plastic surgeon for consultation, trained cosmetic doctors & registered nursing staff, anti-wrinkle injections, fillers and pre and post care.

Note: “from” price point is indicative of the standard price for this treatment, there may be a difference to pay when the treatment is performed. Factors which could affect the price of the treatment include but are not limited to: contraindications present, special attention applied to the area, factors which may cause the treatment to take longer than the standard duration or for more product to be used in order for the treatment to be performed effectively. Booking this treatment or purchasing a gift voucher will secure a booking only, there may be additional charges in store.

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