Skin Survival Kit- Harmony Combination Skin

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Harmony, the perfect skincare for combination skin

Look after your skin in your own home!

The Harmony range is perfect for combination skin. Skin that has a little oil down the T zone, however, has no real breakouts or blemishes.

You will receive, delivered to your door:

Harmony Cleansing Milk

Beautifully textured cleansing milk, combining the essential oils of Geranium and Lavender with apricot kernel oil, to remove makeup and cleanse impurities gently and efficiently from combination skin that is neither oily or dry.

Harmony Moisture Protective

A protective cream, combining pure natural ingredients with the essential oils of Lavender to protect and nourish combination skin.

Harmony Rose Mask

A perfect blend of natural oils, lanolin, chamomile, rose oil and allantoin to create a radiant, soft hydrated skin.  It soothes and calms whilst relieving any surface dehydration.

Gentle Facial Exfoliant

Alcohol-free and safe for the most delicate skins including eye area, but with active ingredients removing dead cell accumulation, promoting healthier cell renewal, allowing deeper penetration of treatment products, and refining fine lines and wrinkles.  Suitable for all skin types.

Directions for Use – Cleanse morning and night, once to remove your makeup and again to restore the PH balance to your skin. Massage  your skin with Harmony Cleansing Milk (size of 20 cent coin), using your fingertips and remove with a warm towel.  Apply a fingertip amount of Harmony Moisture Protective, between your fingertips and gently pat all over your skin.

Once a Week – cleanse as above and then apply a thin layer of Gentle Facial Exfoliant all over your skin, and allow to dry.   Remove with a gentle rubbing motion (over a basin) using fingertips or lightly moistened sponge.  The exfoliant will flake off similar to pencil shavings.  Remove excess with a warm towel.  Apply a thin layer Harmony Rose Mask all over your skin, and leave for 10 minutes.  Remove with a warm towel and apply Harmony Moisture Protective.

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