RF Skin Tightening

Radio Frequency Skin Firming at Urban Spa

Overview: Urban Spa is delighted to offer Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening, a non-invasive treatment designed to visibly tighten the skin and reduce signs of aging, leaving you with firmer, fuller, and radiant skin.

What is RF? RF, or Radio Frequency, technology is utilized in this treatment to heat the skin, promoting and restoring collagen and elastin production within the skin.

How Does It Work? A RF Skin Tightening treatment employs Multi Polar electrodes to deliver heat and energy to the skin. This process stimulates collagen reproduction, restores elasticity, and tones and firms the skin.

Suitability for Your Skin: RF Skin Tightening is perfect for individuals concerned with aging, fine lines, wrinkles, and those looking to enhance the tone and firmness of their skin.

Down Time: This non-abrasive treatment ensures minimal to no downtime after your session, allowing you to resume your regular activities promptly.

Number of Treatments: The recommended frequency for RF Skin Tightening is once a week for 3-6 weeks, depending on your specific concerns and treatment areas, to achieve optimum results.

Results and Duration: While results are often instantaneous, a course of treatments is recommended for the best and most lasting outcomes. The treatment offers a transformative experience, visibly enhancing the firmness and radiance of your skin.

Booking and Consultation: Book a session today for a complimentary consultation to discuss your concerns and explore how RF Skin Tightening at Urban Spa can benefit you. Our trained professionals are ready to guide you through the process and tailor the treatment to your unique needs.

Urban Spa is committed to providing advanced and effective treatments, and RF Skin Tightening is another addition to our offerings aimed at helping you achieve the vibrant and youthful skin you desire.


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